Is Cannabis Safe for Cats?

According to a recent PetMd article “Cannabis plants contain more than 100 active compounds, but the one most often used for medicinal purposes is cannabidiol, or CBD. CBD differs from cannabis’s major active compound, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), in that it does not have a psychoactive effect, meaning it will not get users ‘high’.”  THC is highly toxic to cats and they should never be given any product with THC or specifically, marijuana under any circumstances. CBD  for this use is derived from Hemp which does not have THC or has a negligible amount.

At this point in the US, there are still regulations as to where CBD can be purchased and few vets are prescribing it for cats or other animals. In the UK, CBD is legal but has been categorized as a medicine and only the hemp-derived CBD can be obtained. There are few studies on the subject of using CBD for cats. CBD is known to relieve pain, anxiety, and even symptoms of epilepsy. It is often used for cats to increase comfort for the terminally ill and to reduce symptoms of anxiety. 

I posted the question: “Has anyone used CBD oil for their cat” on several Facebook cat groups. They had lots to say about the oil and many were asking questions. Let me point out that a FB group is a great place to find out about CBD but anyone considering using it should speak to their vet. 

100% of the people who had used CBD for their cats had a positive experience.  One poster’s kitty has spina bifida and she noted the improvement in his behavior and playfulness after using the oil.  One kitty has terminal Lymphoma (like my choppy) and according to the poster, the oil has improved his appetite. Another stated they were using it to stop their cat from excessive grooming with good results. Others pointed out the need for research and the importance of speaking to the vet before giving any type of holistic treatment such as CBD oil.

CBD for animals is available through many holistic pet shops, but according to the CBD awareness project , the industry is entirely unregulated and there are those who would take advantage of cat owners to sell products that are substandard or that contain little or no CBD.  This is why it is highly important to speak to your vet, and research carefully any holistic vendor you may want to purchase these products through to ensure they are providing high quality CBD and have the knowledge to provide you with the correct dosage for your animal. 

The CBD awareness project is a good source for information but like all resources found on the Internet, always seek out multiple sites for information and make sure to look at who wrote the source to begin with.  Information coming from vendors of products would not be a good source of information, instead look for studies, vet commentary, and others that are non-commercial, well known, and reputable. 
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