Cupcake came and went like the breeze. The first time I saw cupcake was in my kitchen. My daughter and I had gone to the grocery store and had inadvertently left the kitchen door adjacent to our garage ajar. We had been gone about an hour and when we came home I immediately noticed that the door was open a few inches. I asked my daughter if she had closed the door and she said that she had. So we silently and slowly pushed the door completely open. I expected to see my house wrecked and everything stolen but instead I saw a strange cat lying on its back on my dining room chair.

I thought the cat was dead until he moved his body a little to get more comfortable. We are standing there, my daughter and I, looking at this strange cat we had never seen, who was now sprawled across my dining room chair like he had always been here. He did not get up when we came in and seemed to settle even deeper into the chair cushion. I grabbed my cell phone and took a few pics of this obviously comfortable cat.

A few minutes later, as we were putting groceries away, Cupcake woke up, came over to me, rubbed my leg, and then turned and proceeded to go out the still open garage door entrance. We are so used to cats that Cupcake being in the house was not a shock for us or even something we would make a big deal about. The only thing we thought was odd was his overly relaxed behaviour in a strange place.

Cupcake came and went over the next few months. He developed a relationship with our cats that was really unusual. It was as though they had adopted him. Tibby and Annaberry were still kittens. He would come and play with them and then the three of them would nap on the sofa. Even Sushi and Idgy liked Cupcake. He was big handsome grey Tabby with chubby cheeks and the sweetest demeanour. He even had respect for Dan our elder cat who at the time was suffering from very painful arthritis. He would go to him and give a nice ear bath.

We had no idea who Cupcake belonged to if anyone. He was just here. We took him to the vet and had him neutered. We figured regardless of who he belonged to, if was going to stay with us all the time he was going to be neutered.

Cupcake loved to sit on my lap and nap. He was just an all around great cat. We found out that Cupcake belonged to a family that lived about four doors from us. Over the course of three months while Cupcake stayed at my house, they had not even noticed he was missing.

One day after about 8 months of fostering Cupcake as our own, he showed up one day with a huge infection on the side of his skull. We immediately took him to the vet. He had been attacked by a dog or some other animal and had been left with a very nasty wound. The vet drained the infection and gave him antibiotics.

Cupcake was never the same after that. He would sometimes growl at me if I came near him and he did not play with the other cats the way they were accustomed to and you could tell they were a little bit afraid of him. A few weeks later I realized I had not seen Cupcake in quite awhile. I watched for him to come to the door for the rest of the day. I even called him a few times. But he did not answer. It was about a year before we saw cupcake again, but he was never the same cat.

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