Cat Personality Index

Group members and blog subscribers are encouraged to add to the cat index. What defines your cats personality?

The Cat Personality Index

The Enforcer/Guardian Auntie/ EGA
Don’t pick her up, she is to be admired from afar. She will talk to you, nudge you, and tell you fantastic stories in her own way. Have other cats in the house? She will teach them cat rules the hard way. New members of the house will fear her and run quickly away even when her scent is distant. She is the queen Bee and takes no prisoners. She is the huntress and keeps herself immaculate even as she swallows your beloved canary with a smile on her face. She enjoys a good joke as long as it is at your expense. She will nuzzle your wet hair after you shower and purr gracefully in your ears as she sits above your head on the couch, perched to protect and keep you safe.

The martyr is always in pain emotionally and physically. He wants to be comforted, but when you do, he changes his mind and cries to be free from your human touch. Have other cats? The martyr wants nothing to do with them, their presence is an affront to his sensibilities, his jealousy is apparent. His head turns and no longer acknowledges your existence. He faces you and keeps his head high and his eyes averted, you no longer love him and he knows this even when you comfort him and feed him. He feels insignificant and there is nothing you can do to change it. He has done everything he can to make you happy, but he knows it will never be enough. Humans can never make the Martyr happy. They find happiness only in misery.

The Roo R

The Roo is the nightmare of the cat clan. The Roo will bite, hiss scratch, chew claw and wreck everything you have ever held dear. The enforcer and the martyr despise the Roo. The Roo does not walk with stealth like the other cats, The roo stomps when she runs, and when in Roo mode her feet never touch the floor. Like a baby kangaroo, she jumps and flies wherever she goes, table to table, chair to chair, couch to door. The Roo will swim in the toilet and get locked in the fridge; always check dryers and washers for the Roo. The Roo will take out anything that moves or that can be chased down. Roos make excellent bug catchers, and earn their keep. Their intellect is primarily instinctive and have no fear of being swatted or chased with magazines. They will simply jump on top of it, and pounce on your head to get away. They love to be watched while at play, but look and don’t touch, the Roo when in cute mode, will give your hand a bath and kiss your face from head to chin, but they are chaotic and change from sweet kitty to chaotic Roo in an instant.

The Passion Princess PP

The Passion Princess is shy and demure. She loves her family and understands where her bread is buttered. She appreciative of everything you do for her, and shows it by greeting you each morning when you awaken and when you are using the toilet, and when you are cooking dinner, when you are walking across the room….she curls up next to you in bed and waits patiently til you rub her belly, scratch her back, massage her back, and rub under chin…For the passion princess it is all about her, but she will make you feel like it is all about you. She gets along fine with other cats and plays cute kitty kitty games She will look deep into your eyes with a sweet kitty look that will melt your human heart. She doesn’t like strangers and never wanders very far. She is the devoted companion that will be the first one at your liver when you drop dead on the floor.

The Lover Boy

He is the dreamer. He watches you from afar hoping for a moment alone. He longs for the grooming brush with a tear in his eyes, though he never approaches. He dreams that you will see him and groom his aching heart. He sometimes stalks in the middle of the night and becomes demanding in the dark. He uses his head as a battering ram against your arms and head, while openly crying for your attention. But only in the dark, in the light you would see his tears. He sleeps outside the door keeping everyone away, only he can disturb your slumber, the rest must go away.

The Baby Boy

His round eyes speak and his voice has no meow. He clicks and hums and low growls. He truly sees you as a cat and treats you as one of the clowder. He kneeds the blanket and burrows under you like a kitten to a mother cat. His demands are constant and he is the center of attention. He will open the cabinets and steal the treats. Breakfast a little late? He will start a revolt as he rolls the cat food cans out on to the floor, one by one. Water bowls less than fresh? Any bug, spider, hairclip, or mouthful of dry food will do as notice that cleaning is due. Litter boxes fresh and clean? He checks and tests each one to be sure.

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